This year, The FedForum is once again offering aviation safety courses. As part of The FedForum, the Aviation Safety Officer Workshop includes 24 hours of aviation safety training in the following areas: Basic Aviation Accident Investigation, Human Factors, Risk Management, Aviation Safety Program Management, and Legal Aspects of Aviation. These base courses allow Federal aviation safety professionals the ability to earn the ASO Certificate which signifies that you have completed a basic ASO course. The ASO Workshop also offers anyone who currently holds an ASO Certificate the chance to earn the 16 hours of aviation safety courses necessary to maintain their ASO Certificate.

The ASO training course was started in 2003 and was initially planned to be a stand-alone workshop for Federal agency ASO’s. In 2007, when the workshop became part of The FedForum, the ASO Workshop became an annual event that gives Federal agency ASO’s and other agency aviation professionals the necessary training to earn the Federal agency ASO Certificate and the chance to meet other aviation professionals, share ideas and exchange best practices.

As part of the ASO course you will attend the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy (ICAP) quarterly meeting. These quarterly meetings, normally held in Washington DC, bring together Federal agency aviation professionals who work together to make Federal aviation more efficient, effective and safe. While at The FedForum you will also be able to attend GSA’s Federal Aviation Awards Program. This annual event recognizes Federal government’s best aviation programs and its brightest professionals. An event you don’t want to miss.

And you will also have the opportunity to not only attend aviation safety related presentations but also presentations that will focus on alternative fuels, sustainability, efficient management techniques, and results-driven performance goals to name a few.

This packed three day aviation training event begins on Tuesday, July 16.

Aviation Workshop Descriptions Coming Soon!