Goes Green




On October 5, 2009, President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance.  The order expanded previous energy reduction and environmental performance requirements.  The executive order requires Federal agencies to meet sustainability goals that lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and stipulates that 95 percent of new government purchases comply with environmental requirements.

To help government customers fulfill this mission GSA makes it easy for customers to buy products, services and vehicles that meet these environmental requirements.

Hilton New Orleans Riverside
A Letter from our CEO

Climate change and global warming have become mainstream issues around the world. You can't pick up a magazine or newspaper without some kind of story about green campaigns, carbon footprints or the environment. Make no mistake; this is more than media hype.

The underlying trends behind these headlines present some alarming challenges. Population growth and global industrialization are accelerating the depletion of our natural resources. Around the world, demand for energy continues to grow and fresh water scarcity is becoming a global reality. How we respond to these challenges will
determine the sustainability of our future lifestyles, the sustainability of our communities as we know them, and ultimately the sustainability of our planet.

The good news is that as a global business serving more than a quarter billion guests a year in over 3,000 hotels across more than 80 countries, we are in a position to make a big difference. We can serve as leaders in our communities by driving the changes we all need to make, while still providing the highest levels of hospitality anywhere in the world.

Although the impact of population growth and industrialization are indeed significant, they also provide us with great business opportunities around the globe. More and more people are lifting themselves out of poverty, working hard for a better quality of life, and as a result, a truly global market place is emerging, tying together cultures, nations, and regions in ways we are just starting to understand.

If we are to meet this growing demand, we must be able to do so in a sustainable fashion. We must operate our business in ways that provide for our current needs while allowing future generations to meet their own needs. This is the essence of sustainability and this is the path we must follow. Not only is it the right thing to do as responsible global citizens, it's the right thing to do for our business.

Our sustainability commitments and mission statement are our responses to both the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of us. They provide a framework for our family of hotels around the world to enroll, engage, and educate all of our stakeholders as sustainability becomes a core part of how we do business... a business focused on our guests... delivering unsurpassed levels of hospitality – a better night's sleep, a better meal, a more productive conference all while meeting and exceeding the standards for sustainability necessary to reverse the symptoms of climate change and
stabilize our global eco-system.

There is a lot we have already done and lot more to do and we will be prudent and deliberate as we literally seek to transform many of the current ways we do business. Our true success in building a sustainable business will be judged by future generations, not in quarterly reviews. We will make sure that the platform for change we're creating today is one that will serve us well for many years to come, and that supports our efforts to be the most preeminent hospitality
company in the world.

Christopher Nassetta
President and Chief Executive Officer

Hilton New Orleans Riverside Green Initiatives

New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
The New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, along with their partner Centerplate, have made a strong commitment to the New Orleans and Global Communities, and we continue to strive to improve our practices and services keeping in mind our impact on the world around us.

MCCNO Green Efforts
Going Yellow-Green: Trash Cans Re-Purposed as Recycling Bins

With a specific focus on four major components MCCNO and Centerplate continually evaluate operational decisions based on the following:

  • Waste Reduction
  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Clean Air Practices

Waste Reduction:

  • System in place for recycling cardboard
  • We are the largest contributor in New Orleans to Second Helping, the area food bank for prepared foods
  • We are also the largest contributor in New Orleans to Second Harvest, the area food bank for unprepared foods
  • The New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center and Centerplate utilize bulk purchasing reducing packaging for materials that are brought into the Convention Center
  • We use reusable linens for classroom and hollow square meeting room set-ups
  • Centerplate can offer 5-gallon water coolers instead of bottled water
  • Centerplate can use cloth napkins and table cloths instead of paper
  • Centerplate uses china for catered events
  • MCCNO recycles toner cartridges and other office supplies when possible

Energy Conservation:

  • Computerized Energy Management System utilized in public areas and meeting space
  • MCCNO uses energy efficient lighting
  • Variable volume HVAC and pumping systems
  • Daylight sensors for exterior lighting
  • Manual control of escalators and other equipment when not needed
  • Manual reset on heating hot water
  • Centerplate selects Energy STAR equipment when purchasing new or replacement equipment

Water Conservation:

  • MCCNO has low flow faucets installed in restrooms
  • MCCNO utilizes automatic faucets and toilets in public restrooms
  • Irrigation systems at MCCNO are equipped with rain sensors to prevent excessive use of water resources

Clean Air Practices:

  • MCCNO uses environmentally preferable cleaners whenever possible
  • Annual maintenance on all air handler units and coils, and MCCNO also has a preventative maintenance schedule that is followed and kept on record
  • Preventative Maintenance and testing regularly performed on boilers, diesel fire pumps and diesel generators