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Federal Motor Vehicle Fleet Management….what’s all the buzz in 2013? Presidential Memorandum on Federal Fleet Performance, Agency VAM’s, Presidential Executive Order 13514, Energy Policy Act, FMVRS, FedFMS, FAST, Fuel Management, and the list goes on! The FedForum is the only training venue to offer 50+ hours of training focused to Federal motor vehicle fleet management as well an Exhibit Hall with vendors showcasing the latest technologies, solutions, and motor vehicles in motor vehicle management.

The FedForum is an annual training event which enables attendees to participate in a unique forum which fosters collaboration of managers, specialists, policy makers, industry experts, and vendors at all levels in motor vehicle fleet management. The FedForum training is taught by policy makers from OMB, DOE, GSA, DOD, DOJ, frontline agency specialists, and industry experts. At The FedForum, the focus will be on alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, and sustainability educational training presented along with the traditional training on efficient management of Federal assets, results-driven performance goals, legislative and regulatory mandates, personal liability, mandatory fleet and budget reporting requirements, vehicle allocation methodology, and motor vehicle safety. DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), GSA Fleet, and GSA Automotive also utilize FedFleet to offer training to their stakeholders and customers.


Basic Fleet Policy at FedForum 2013
Are you new to Federal fleet management? Has it been a while since you've had a fleet management refresher course? Do you oversee, but don't actually perform the fleet management function within your agency? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to make plans to attend these special training workshops. We will discuss virtually everything you need to know to manage motor vehicle fleets in an informal environment geared toward learning and two-way conversations. This is your opportunity to learn about Fleet policies, procedures, mandates, new programs, and to ask any questions you have concerning motor vehicles and the fleet management process.

Basic Fleet Policy Track:

  • I'm a new Federal Fleet Manager- What do I need to know? What are the Annual Events in Federal Fleet Management?
    Speakers: Karl Wolfe and Connie Aaron
  • Learning "Fleet Speak" and Fleet Metrics Overview
    Speakers: TBD
  • GSA Motor Vehicle Management- Fleet and Automotive
    Speaker: Erin Sembach
  • Basics of Fleet Sustainability and Energy Management
    Speakers: Mark Reichhardt (DOE-FEMP), Navid Ahdieh (NREL for DOE-FEMP), Ryan Daley (NREL for DOE-FEMP)
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Regulations and Policies & Basic Fleet Wrap-Up
    Speaker: Connie Aaron and Karl Wolfe

Motor Vehicle Fleet Education at FedForum 2013
Below are the education offerings being presented to government motor vehicle fleet managers and personnel at FedForum 2013. In addition to this training, an excellent exhibit hall is provided to all attendees. This list is subject to change and is updated frequently. Please check this list periodically.

GSA Motor Vehicle Management (MVM) is developing a series of workshops about purchasing and leasing vehicles from GSA. Stay tuned for more details!

The Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Office (FEMP) is also developing a series of workshops about alternative fuels and managing a sustainable fleet that meets the environmental mandates for Federal Fleets. Stay tuned for more details!

Federal Motor Vehicle Regulations and Policies
Speaker: Connie Aaron
Workshop Description: Explore how Federal regulations governing motor vehicle management fit into an overall framework of laws, regulations, and policies. We will cover Federal Management Regulation 41 CFR 102-34 "Motor Vehicle Management" in its entirety and highlight recent updates. Bring your questions about motor vehicle regulations and policies!

Federal Fleet Performance: What's next?
Speakers: Jim Vogelsinger and Karl Wolfe
Workshop Description: The Presidential Memorandum, Federal Fleet Performance, was released on May 24, 2011. The memorandum sets specific fleet performance goals for the Federal fleet and assigns responsibilities to both Federal agencies and GSA. Your agency completed it's VAM, what's next? This session will outline the actions needed, outcomes expected, and the timeline to accomplish these mandates. Come to learn how this important memorandum will impact you and your fleet now and well into the future. This session is for attendees at all levels of Federal fleet management from the field to the Agency Fleet Manager!

Listening Session: Collaboration in Federal Asset Management Operations and Policy
Speakers: James Vogelsinger (GSA), Brad Gustafson (DOE), Cynthia Vallina (OMB)
Workshop Description: Collaborative efforts are key to attaining our goals in asset management of becoming ever more energy efficient and financially responsible. To reinforce this belief, FedFleet 2011 will offer two workshops (one for aviation, one for fleet) devoted to bringing our asset management policy programs more aligned with operational needs and goals and thereby bridging the gap between policy making and execution out in the field. Policymakers from GSA, DOE, and OMB will help a moderator facilitate this workshop to instill a collaborative culture in Federal asset management and unite our functions to deliver results.

FAST Administrator Training
Speakers: Ron Stewart and Jeff Caldwell
Workshop Description: Learn how to manage the use of the Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST) system within your agency, set up your agency's reporting hierarchy, manage user accounts, assign passwords, use the internal email notification system, set close dates, etc. -- everything agency FAST administrators must know to ensure timely and accurate reporting of the needed data for Federal vehicle fleets through FAST. Time permitting, you will learn about new features of FAST that affect agency administrators. Note: This session is specifically geared toward agency administrators and help desk POCs, and is not recommended for data-entry personnel.

FAST User Training
Speakers: Ron Stewart, Jeff Caldwell
Workshop Description: Learn why the Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST) system exists and how to access it, how to get a password and sign on, and how to use the FAST system to report the needed information about your Federal vehicle fleet. Learn how to use the data entry forms in FAST and how to check your data for quality and consistency. Time permitting, you will hear about any new features of FAST that affect users. Note: this session is specifically geared toward new users and data-entry personnel who need a refresher.

Federal Fleet License Plates
Speaker: Karl Wolfe, Jessica Mueller, and Jim Gill
Workshop Description: A beginning to end overview of how Federal license plates are now designed, ordered, registered, displayed, and returned for destruction.  This session will cover the rules, the exceptions to the rules, how to locate your plates in FMVRS and make status changes, as well as your responsibilities to manage license plate inventories and report missing plates.  Get your license plate questions answered by presenters from the GSA Office of Government-wide Policy, GSA Office of Motor Vehicle Management (FMVRS) and the UNICOR license plate factory.

What is your Personal Liability While Driving a GOV?
Speaker: Patricia Flynn
Workshop Description: Are you liable for job related accidents when you or your employees have accidents in a GOV? Did you know that state law determines this issue? This program addresses legal issues applicable to Government employees and managers. The workshop will cover the basics of the Federal Torts Claims Act and discuss cases where a Federal employee would not be liable, cases where a Federal employee would be liable and ways to protect yourself.

Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS)
Speaker: Karl Wolfe and Jessica Mueller
Workshop Description: The establishment of the governmentwide Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS) is improving the security of the Federal fleet while providing improved inventory management and accountability. Implemented in October 2008, the system now contains over 493,000 vehicle records and will soon expand to over 600,000 records. What information is contained in the FMVRS? Which vehicle registration records transfer from AutoChoice to FMVRS automatically and which do I need to upload manually? How secure is the FMVRS? Exactly what information is shared with law enforcement? What do I need to know about new style license plates? Representatives from GSA's Office of Government-wide Policy and Office of Motor Vehicle Management will provide answers to these and other questions on FMVRS.

How to Right-Size Your Fleet and Avoid the Many Traps
Speaker: Grace Appleton and Derrick Bishop
Workshop Description: The presentation covers the following:  Right-Sizing Audits – why they are important to perform, Facts to consider before you begin, Common Mistakes, Change Management, Methodology Selection, and 5-Week GPS audit data. This discussion addresses the age old problem faced by all Fleet Managers:  How do I know if I have the right number of vehicles at each site?  How can I affordably optimize routes and scheduling?  How do I get staff buy-in when vehicle reductions are called for?  What do I need to consider before starting an audit?