Real Property




This year we are offering more training by expanding the range of training to include Federal Real Property. For the first time participants will be able to attend training sessions to learn more about Federal buildings and facilities. These break-out sessions will provide the unique opportunity for tenants to learn more about the buildings and facilities they work in while also enabling building managers to get a better understanding of their tenants needs.

Real property training will be offered over a wide spectrum geared not only to real property managers but also to a host of individuals working in Federal real properties. In 2010, President Obama signed a memorandum requiring agencies to save $3 billion in their real property costs. There will be sessions on how those cost savings are being achieved and what impact it may have on your business. We’ll also present some of the best practices agencies are developing that you may be able to incorporate in your organization. Basic real property training will be offered for tenants explaining some of the new energy efficiencies you may see in your building. You may be wondering what sub-metering means. The FedForum is your chance to find out how it may impact your office and reduce your costs. Individuals from the Federal High-Performance Green Buildings will discuss how they developed the core competencies for personnel performing building operations and maintenance, energy management, safety, and design functions as required by recent legislation and how individuals can obtain the required training.

Here is just a short list of some of your frequently asked questions that will be answered at The FedForum:

  • How do you incorporate sustainability in your day to day activities?
  • How can my agency acquire available Federal land or properties?
  • What are the benefits of telework?
  • What is the process for improving or modifying the building I currently work in?
  • How can a government employee buy excess federal real estate or personal property?

Real Property Workshop Descriptions Coming Soon!